Jun 17 2011

The Band

Jun 4 2011

Fair Well

Well, this is it, our big send off from Calgary. We have the always fantastic Brock Tyler opening up the night. We are really look forward to playing all the old favorites and a few new ones.

This will be the end of a two year run as a band so make sure to come down and celebrate with us.

Dec 4 2010

Thursday Dec 16th!

Mikey's juke joint with scott cookEverything you need for a warm winter night out with friends.

Poster art by Jennifer Crighton

Nov 16 2010


Today was the first snow in our neighbourhood. We are not quite holing up for the winter – after our recovery from Edmonton (great turnout friends, thank you!) we are practicing for a few Christmas season shows in Calgary.

Art Central on Dec 2 will be a kind of walk in/walk out affair. We’ve heard that there will be dark humour ornaments and you can make your own stuff at some of the galleries while you are there. Also on the wind – happy hour pricing on wine and cheese. Last time we were there, someone was giving away full roasted pig. Added bonuses: we will have a guest bass player as well as a new winter song.

MIkeys Juke Joint on Dec 16th with Scott Cook is another full music night. Scott is an amazing performer, so please, if you make one show this year make it this one. Two great acts for one price! We will have another great poster for that in a few weeks for your pleasure. Mikeys is home to great atmosphere, close to downtown, but also out of the way, and also has some good fries (I’ve heard).

Nov 2 2010

Upcoming in Edmonton

We will have the new EP in tow, in case you missed us last time. Come out for a full band experience and a full night at Wunderbar.

Oct 30 2010

Memorial Park

Our songwriter is currently working on an amazing story, Japanese Girls in Black. Perhaps we will see it in a literary magazine soon.

Last week, we played a small set at Higher ground for the lovely cjsw radio, fundraiser. We have to say that we were slightly disappointed with the generosity of the crowd, and very impressed with the coolness of the cjsw volunteer.

Coming up soon – Wunderbar, Edmonton. Its free so, Edmontonians, we should see you there. No excuses.

Amazing poster will be up soon feat. amazing art by Jennifer Crighton.

Oct 18 2010

Thank you everyone who came to the Goodfare show on Friday night. It was, amazing, internal, enjoyable, kind, full of sound, candlelit, calm, conversational. There is nothing like showing someone you love a Goodfare party at its best.

For those who were kind enough to purchase an EP, we would like to correct a printing mishap: The track listing should read:

Whistling Wind


Sister Esther

Water Till I Die

Big Steel Wheels

Email us with your address, and we will send you a new insert!

Oct 14 2010

A film of us?

The Calgary Folk Music Festival has just posted the videos from the 2010 songwriting contest. As you know, we were there with our song “By Our Pond”. Check out the video below. Also, take the time to look at Jared Klok’s song “i Can’t Look at You Even if Painted”

By Our Pond songwriting Contest 2010

Jared Klok 2010 songwriting contest

Oct 5 2010

Northern Alberta EP Release

As you know, we’ve crafted a small collection of New Family songs on a self-titled EP. We are excited to be bringing the sound to a Northern Alberta  house concert this month. This round will be an acoustic duo performance,  full of stories and thick strands of atmosphere. We would like to thank our host for having us, and for supporting our sound.

This show is by invitation only.

Sep 30 2010

Last Stop

We woke up to a mountain of leaves outside our window – a huge golden mountain. This fall seems to be rolling past more quickly than we can keep up with. Sometimes it is hard to realize that you were avoiding your surroundings, or rushing through so intensely that you missed the first cold breeze, or the last new flower of the summer. Then, you see the landscape is auburn, gold, and brown – the mountains are calling out goodbye for the summer, hello for the winter.

Part of our fall this week will be spending a night with friends at Nathan Carroll‘s house concert in South Calgary. Nathan’s newest album, Last Stop on the Dancing Bear Act is a soul act put on by Edmonton’s best. A departure from his first country album The Tie-in to Dyin’, Last Stop retains his flair for performance, maturity, and  the finest musicianship. The last time we saw Nathan play was his Calgary CD release at the Ironwood, where we opened for his full band – complete with backup singers The Carrolletes. This time, it will be an acoustic act and we are looking forward to it.