Last Stop

We woke up to a mountain of leaves outside our window – a huge golden mountain. This fall seems to be rolling past more quickly than we can keep up with. Sometimes it is hard to realize that you were avoiding your surroundings, or rushing through so intensely that you missed the first cold breeze, or the last new flower of the summer. Then, you see the landscape is auburn, gold, and brown – the mountains are calling out goodbye for the summer, hello for the winter.

Part of our fall this week will be spending a night with friends at Nathan Carroll‘s house concert in South Calgary. Nathan’s newest album, Last Stop on the Dancing Bear Act is a soul act put on by Edmonton’s best. A departure from his first country album The Tie-in to Dyin’, Last Stop retains his flair for performance, maturity, and ┬áthe finest musicianship. The last time we saw Nathan play was his Calgary CD release at the Ironwood, where we opened for his full band – complete with backup singers The Carrolletes. This time, it will be an acoustic act and we are looking forward to it.

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