The New Family is a folk and roots band that lives by the tradition of creative and vivid storytelling.

Originally starting out as a musical experiment between Dave McGregor, Greg Lamarche and Forrest McGregor, The New Family carved out their unique sound after only a few months.

Following this initial period of work and collaboration Ken Hare (drums) and Mike Barer (bass and violin) joined the group.

These haunted minds have given voice to the inner thoughts of many troubled and weary wanderers. There is an immediacy and arresting element to their music that sees conversations drift into silence and rooms become still.

The name comes from the desire to make music in a close and collective environment, with the goal of sharing that perspective with as many crowds as possible.

They draw on years of combined experience from other bands to bring together the songs and make you think they’ve been around forever. Though barely a year in existence the New Family have already convinced many that they are a band to keep an eye on.

Dave McGregor: Songwriter, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Forrest McGregor: Vocals, Co-writer

Greg Lamarche: Electric Guitars, Vocals, Banjo, Mandolin

Mike Barer: Bass and Violin

Ken Hare: Drums and Percussion, Banter