Sep 10 2010

Pretty Up Front

We’ve got an EP ready for you to have and to hold (for $5). Come meet her in person at any upcoming show.

First chance is tomorrow.

Jul 26 2010

Old Time Sound

This week saw Calgary’s Princes Island Park explode into a festival village full of music ranging far and wide of the folk genre. One New Family member was on stage with Beaver Tales winner J.R. Shore, while Dave and I (Forrest) loafed from stage to stage.

Running up to the festival, we were able to take part in the Folk Festival Songwriting Bootcamp at Cantos with Annie Lou musicians Anne Louise Genest and Kim Barlow.  Dave and I spent mornings amongst a fascinating collection of keyboards and synthesizers talking and writing old time music. We also had the huge honour of having Kim play banjo with us on one of our newest songs, and Anne Louise give us chord help. There were some other really interesting songwriters in our group, and we had an awesome time hearing their take on words and melodies.

Some Festival Favourites:  Annie Lou, St. Vincent, Etran Finitawa, and Timber Timbre.

This week, we are pretty busy with random things that don’t include so much music until FRIDAY July 30th when you can come listen to us duo-style at the House Coffee Sanctuary in Kensington. See our “performances” tab for more information including street address and time.

Jul 8 2010


I had a dream that we started a band called Bodedoum. After feeling the name christen my unconscious mind, I woke up. I looked around the room and realized how uncomfortable sleeping on the floor just before a move can be. Everything was in disarray.

We weren’t the ones moving – some friends were taking off. Bodedoum seemed unimportant once I started thinking awake about what was happening. My friends were leaving and their things were going to disappear into the universe. Next time we met, our situations would be different. The plates they had, the clothes they had, the shelves where they put their books…all of them were piled waiting to be passed on or discarded.

I saw a pot holder laying under a pile of cards and picture frames. I thought about how it sounded, last Thanksgiving, when my friend set it on the table. A heavy metallic thunk signaling readiness for pressure and for heat. It was kind of like the sound of a door locking for the last time. Even the sound of a box being set on the floor of a new apartment.


I got back to my own place and sat down. The curtains on the window seemed like they needed to come down.

Jun 14 2010

Art Central, Forever Ago

This May, we performed at Art Central as part of their monthly First Thursday event.  The atmosphere was fantastic, the building was full of people and we were pleased to be providing as much atmosphere as we could muster.  As the evening went on we were photographed constantly and even sketched (which was a first for me).  It was great to see so many different kinds of people all in place and to know that they were all hearing our music at the same time.

As for the current affairs in the family, we are edging close to having an EP put together and a few more shows hopefully coming down the pipeline for the rest of the summer.  We will be booking a few full band gigs and a couple of stripped down acoustic shows in some smaller venues around Calgary.  See you later on down the trail.

May 3 2010

Forrest and David McGregor

Yesterday we had the opportunity to compete in the 2010 songwriting contest for the Calgary Folk Music Festival. It was a good event – the typically loud Ship and Anchor was dark and full. We were bestowed with the title of “most promising” songwriters for the song “By Our Pond” and get to go to a songwriting bootcamp with assorted eminent personalities. Congratulations to us!

During the contest, we thought the best performance was from Jared Klok playing “I Cant Look at You Even if Painted“. His vocals and lyric style were fantastic, and with a sound reminiscent of Steve Earle playing acoustic Townes Van Zandt sets, and A.A. Bondy’s “American Hearts”, we’d hoped he would place first (He ended up in third).

I agree with Mike’s Bloggity Blog about the songs overall when I say that we didn’t love all of the songs. That said, we still enjoyed the day and think everyone else did too.

Before I go, I want to bring your attention to a songwriter who has nothing to do with the contest: Brock Tyler . His newest demos sound amazing, his mentorship is invaluable, and we can’t wait for his new album.

Apr 16 2010

Upcoming Performances

Hello everyone (thanks for visiting the site!)

The New Family will be playing at Higher Ground in Kensington on Thursday April 29th. We will be performing the middle of three sets around 9:00p.m. in between two other Calgary artists. Come earlier and stay later if you want to see all three sets.

We will also be playing a full show at Art Central on Thursday May 6th for the art district’s First Thursday event. Come see us at either of both events if you can – you will find yourself surrounded by interesting people, comforting settings, and filled with wonderful sounds.

To keep up with our show dates check out “Performances” on our website, or our myspace at

Apr 2 2010

Songwriting Contest

‘By Our Pond’ is a finalist song in the 2010 Calgary Folk Music Festival songwriting contest. All finalists for the newcomer category will be performed at the Ship and Anchor on May 2 in front of a packed house, and a panel of industry/celebrity judges (Mike Holmes perhaps?).  Join us and other storytelling enthusiasts to support our song for the finals, in case they use the jonovision clap-o-meter to decide a winner. (You never know how things will proceed)

Mar 6 2010


We are back from our trip overseas, and we had a great time in Ireland and Northern Ireland. It is hard to accurately describe how well looked after we were, and also how extremely well fed.

We were also able to play a show in Westport, Ireland, to a great mixed crowd – everyone from trendy 20 somethings to farmers who drove their tractor to town listened in. Thanks to Uri for getting us in, organizing the Westport folk and bluegrass music festival, and for telling so many interesting stories. Our other appearances were in-home for friends and family. It was great to travel and play – with one audience being no-one but the Atlantic ocean and the retreating tide.

Feb 6 2010


The McGregor branch of The New Family will be heading up to the skies and over to Northern Ireland this week. We are excited, and looking forward to living somewhere for a few weeks that has humidity. In case you are not already aware – Calgary is very, very dry.

While we are gone, we will be playing with a borrowed guitar (thank you thank you) and a mixed set of Wire Wicks and The New Family songs. Pictures and stories upon our return. For now we are dreaming up Canadian/North American informative banter to give context to songs like “Alberta”, and “Utah”.

Final note: On our stereo this week was “Living Too Late” by The Fall. Also, “Who Makes Your Money” from Spoon’s newest album.

Jan 30 2010

New site for the band

If your reading this, we would like to thank you for looking at our new website!

We will be adding news, gig info, music, photos as we get used to the new site so please check back often.